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For customer service on your loan, please call 800-589-0290.
Nuestros representantes bilingiies siempre estan disponibles.

Customer Service Hours:
Mon - Fri 7am-7pm PST
Sat - Sun 6am-10am PST

Looking for a Loan?
To apply for a loan, please call 888-333-5645 or go to  The call is free, quick, and completely confidential.

Loan Application Hours:
Mon - Fri 7am-8pm PST
Sat - Sun 9am-5pm PST

Customer Complaints:
Important:  This  is not for the submission of account updates, inquiries or payment arrangements.  These requests will not be accepted nor processed via email.  Please call the Customer Service Center at 888-739-9192 for further assistance. Disputes submitted will be responded within 10 working days via phone or Standard U.S. Mail.  Please include your name and account number.  Thank you for your submission.

Email Wilshire Customer Care

Mail:    Wilshire Consumer Customer Care
             P. O. Box 76809
             Los Angeles, CA 90076-0809

Business Customers:
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