Legal Disclosure

The Wilshire Consumer Credit Buy Program© is a credit scoring program that is based on a sophisticated mathematical model. The Buy Program logic, algorithms, software object and source codes, and program statics, are all confidential and proprietary trade secret information of Wilshire Consumer Credit. Only businesses approved by Wilshire Consumer Credit are authorized to use or possess the Wilshire Consumer Credit Buy Program©.

The use and possession of the Wilshire Consumer Credit Buy Program© are limited by the terms in the limited Master Loan Agreement signed by the business principal when they are accepted as a Wilshire Consumer Credit business partner.

No business may use the Wilshire Consumer Credit Buy Program© except for the sole purpose of evaluating the feasibility and/or likelihood of Wilshire Consumer Credit's purchase of contracts from the business pursuant to the terms of the Master Loan Agreement.

The scope of the license granted by Wilshire Consumer Credit limits the use of the Wilshire Consumer Credit Buy Program© only on the premises of the authorized business given in the Master Loan Agreement.

The license does not give the dealer any license or right to copy, distribute or sell the Buy Program, or any portion of it. The dealer agrees not to reconstruct in whole or in part the object codes, source codes, or algorithms in the Buy Program. No one may use, possess, divulge, or reproduce the Buy Program without specific written authorization of the president of Wilshire Consumer Credit.

(c) 2014 Wilshire Consumer Credit.Loans made pursuant to the Department of Corporations California Finance Lenders License. Loans made pursuant to Arizona State Banking Department Sales Finance License.

We are registered as a Consumer Credit Loan Company with the Missouri Division of Finance.

We are registered with the Utah Department of Financial Institutions as Wilshire Consumer Credit.

South Carolina Consumer Pamphlet

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