Program Overview / Compare

Wilshire Consumer Credit (WCC) allows you to offer a unique loan solution to customers with a paid off (or nearly paid off) vehicle.

An auto equity loan gives your customer money for the equity in their car, taking into account their ability to repay.

Our loans include:

  •   Competitive title loan rates
  •   Affordable payments
  •   Credit bureau reporting
  •  10O% online application process available
  •  Extended terms up to 44 months
  •  Variety of funding options

Wilshire Consumer CreditThe Competition
SustainabilityWe are owned by one of the country’s largest auto finance companies, used by more independent dealers than any other lender.*Can be small operations without strong financial backing
Interest ratesWe offer competitive and flexible title loan ratesSometimes as high as 200% APR
PaymentsWe have fully amortizing loans with affordable monthly paymentsShorter-term loans have higher payments and may include a balloon payment at the end.
ConvenienceOur Full Partners can work deals independently and get approvals 24/7. This means no waiting to contact the lender for an underwriting decision.You may have to wait for the lender to open or to call you back with a decision.
Keep the keysWe do not ask for a set of keys to the Borrower’s vehicle.Some other title lenders require you to collect and provide a set of keys to the vehicle.